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Team Building

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An Interactive Magician is great for ALL ages

Whether you are part of an across the country family reunion, enrolled in distance education at college, or having a sales/board meeting with your colleagues from across the pond, an Interactive Magician is a great treat for ages 13-93. If your mind is ready to take on fun challenges and follow along with him as he brings you on a journey that will suspend your disbelief, this will be a memorable experience for everyone involved. 


available for most occasions

An Interactive Magician is a great addition for many situations including:

-a breakout session from a business meeting

-a surprise interruption for your crazy stay at home house party with your friends and family from all around

-a motivational speech about overcoming adversity (he earned that nickname and magicians from everywhere have contacted him amazed at the spirit, will power, and tenacity that he has after such an accident)

-a full ticketed show for a fundraiser (we can do a “door split” or a straight fee and we also can provide graphics for your program if needed)

modular shows ranging from 7-70 minutes

If you have a certain amount of time you need to fill, he can do that. His shows are modular and can fit into any time slot (or slots) you have. 


this is it.

Normally you put your credentials at the beginning but this isn’t about me. It is about YOU.  It is about YOUR people at YOUR occasion on YOUR time. 

Here is why you want ME:

-a few decades of experience with the last 16 years performing in Vegas

-organizations hire him year after year (list of clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Verizon, Harley-Davidson, Symetra and all the others)

-his ability to crawl through the screen and affect what is going on miles away from him is like a happy version of the movie, “The Ring”

Stay where you are at. I will come to you. 

The world is a different place right now but that doesn’t mean that people don’t have the same needs. To be entertained falls under being stimulated and that’s one of Maslow’s. This time, if you feel like it, forget about buying the plane ticket and hotel room. I understand. I live in Vegas and things are going to take a while to get back to normal. That being said, we can still instill wonder, teach people to work together even though we are apart and have some fun. To book, call 702-608-4242 or email book@theevententertainment.com today!